Our Service
   01.China-HK Cross Border Trucking
   02.Internal Logistics Services
   03.Logistics Distribution
   04.International Forwarding
   05.Value-added Services
Logistics Distribution

    Hung Yan’s local control centre locates in Shueng Shui of Hong Kong. We have large fleet of trucks and tractors to provide our clients with comprehensive, timely, and dependable movements for their goods. We offer transportation services for a large variety of products, such as food, temperature controlled goods, hazardous chemicals, heavy cargos, precious items, return cargos handling, etc.

    We create value by our services and offer practical management solutions to reduce cost and improve efficiency for our customers. As a total logistics solution provider, we offer you a complete set of solutions through a wide range of services such as inventory management, warehousing, transportation, international freight forwarding, and other value created services. Our expertise can help you to analyze your situation and tailor a unique solution to meet your company’s specific situation. By creatively integrating our services into your operations, we can help you to strengthen your com petitive advantages, maximize your profitability, and assist you to be outstanding in your industry.